Caregiver programs have been introduced to allow the immigrant caregivers and their family members to come to Canada and become permanent residents. Currently there are three programs available under which applicants can apply:

  1. Home childcare provider pilot
  2. Home support worker pilot
  3. Live in caregiver

Home childcare provider & Home support worker pilot

  • Home childcare includes tasks such as providing in- home care to children by caregivers less than 18 years old in their own home or in employer’s/child’s home and in a private home or a childcare agency.
  • Home support worker include tasks such as providing personal care and companionship for seniors, persons with disabilities, people in recovery in a caregiver’s own home or in an agency or a private home.
  • Applicants submit the work permit and permanent residency application together
    • Spouses and dependent children are eligible to accompany the main applicant and submit their study or work permit application simultaneously
    • If the applicant meets the requirements of either of the programs but does not have qualifying work experience, the applicant gets an occupation restricted open work permit.
    • Applicant need 24 months of work experience to qualify for permanent residency.


    • Genuine full-time job offers from a Canadian employer.
    • Must meet the language requirement of CLB 5 in English or French.
    • Must have 1 year of post-secondary education credential, Canadian or ECA verified foreign education.
    • Intent and ability to do the work described in NOC job description.

    NOTE: Intent, ability, and job offer are not required for PR applicants with qualifying work experience.

Live-In Caregiver Program

This program allows foreign caregivers to work as caregivers/nanny for Canadian employers’ children or seniors/ persons with disabilities in the employer’s home. Employer can decide if the caregiver lives in or out of the employer’s home. Applicant can be hired by an employer if the employer gets a positive LMIA from service Canada. In that case, the applicant needs a regular work permit. Applicant who are already a part of the live –in care program or want to continue working on live –in basis can be hired by the employer. Employer must include living arrangements in LMIA application if the caregiver is already a part of the live- in program.

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